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The Demon’s House (2023)

Will be released on January, 27th 2023
Mix / Reamp / Mastering: Wavemotion Recordings
Orchestral Arrangements: Midas Productions (Shadow Of Intent, Dimmu Borgir, Sepultura…)

  1. Welcome To The Demon's House1:08
  2. Red Room3:36
  3. U.F.O (feat Dan Watson)4:05
  4. Bloody Mary4:08
  5. Suffocation0:35
  6. Smoke In My Head3:26
  7. Fatal Abduction4:23
  8. Price To Pay3:48
  9. Kuchisake-Onna (Feat Pierre Danel from NOVELISTS)3:57
  10. Coincidence Of The Matter (Feat. Vincent from FRCTRD)3:26
  11. The Great Escape7:17
  12. Dust (Feat Ed Garcia from VITALISM)3:33
  13. We Are Enemies3:24

The End Is Near (2019)

Released on February, 15th 2019
Mixed & Reamped with love by Wavemotion Recordings

  1. Chiaroscuro4:20
  2. Darkness Comes Home3:47
  3. Hocus Pocus3:50
  4. End Of Our Era4:20
  5. Useful Suicide3:53


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